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Voice Lessons

Singing is a very powerful and fulfilling activity, one involving the whole self, and as such, this act is transformative, fostering growth and inner confidence in each individual—skills which carry over into all facets of life, regardless of whether one becomes a professional singer or not.

I believe in the unique qualities of each individual voice and student, and I collaborate and guide each student in selecting songs or pieces which bring out their best qualities. I not apply a “one size fits all” approach to lessons. The teacher must meet the student at the level and experience they bring. A patient, generous and inclusive environment helps set appropriate short-term and long-term goals.

Fuelled by over twenty years of teaching Classical and Musical Theatre voice at the College level, I continue honing my craft as a voice-smith in helping students form diverse backgrounds and ages be their best. Students learn universal principles of vocal technique (breathing, posture, resonance, articulation, diction, acting and communication, etc) in a structured way, but without students losing the natural expressive qualities they bring to singing. I frequently help people with public speaking, where skills crossover.

A trial lesson will help any potential student get an accurate and precise idea of how lessons are structured.

For a trial lesson contact: md@michaeldonovan.ca

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